Second international conference After Post-Photography
14-16 April 2016, European University in St.-Petersburg


Panel 1: Practices
Jana Johanna Haeckel, Catholic University of Louvain/Lieven Gevaert Centre
Drone-art as critical counter-narrative of contemporary visual culture
LiLi Johnson, Yale University
Selfie photography, birth parent searches, and an epistemology of the self
Jean Marie Carey, University of Otago, New Zealand
The return of indexicality: archival photographs of Franz Marc and Russi Marc
Irina Chmyreva, Institute of Art History and Theory at Russian Academy of Art
Reading of Photography: Recognition of Memory and Identification of Illusions
Maria Romakina, Moscow State University
Contemporary photographic self portrait. In search of the Other
Asko Lehmuskallio, University of Tampere&Siegen (supported by Helsinki Center in St.-Petersbug, University and Municipality of Tampere)
The visualization of digital photos as heuristic pictures
Linda Steer, Brock University, Canada
Photography, crisis, empathy

Panel 2: History
Franziska Kunze, Humboldt University Berlin
Back to the future. The contradictory path of analogue features being translated into the digital language
Carolin Görgen, University of Paris VII Denis Diderot
Local amateurs seeking national legitimacy: the California Camera Club around 1900
Simon Baier, University of Basel
Cut, fold, rotation. El Lissitzky’s Pressa-Leporello, 1928
Daria Panaiotti, independent researcher, St.Petersburg
Discipline of the photographic gaze: normative poetics of Soviet documentary photography
Victoria Musvik, European Humanities University, Vilnius
Imagined archive, real archive in contemporary Russian photography: reflexion, association, projection

Panel 3: Aesthetics and Art
Sebastian Egenhofer, University of Vienna
Real presence of/in photography. Notes to Jeff Wall’s Picture for Women
Vera Tollmann, University of Arts Berlin/ University of Fine Arts Hamburg
From “Powers of Ten” to powers of 4
Olga Davydova, St.Petersburg State University
Materiality of photographic image: distressed negatives and authenticity
Nina Sosna, Institute of Philosophy at Russian Academy of Sciences
Multiplying layers: photography in slow video

Panel 4: Materialities
Merle Radtke, Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg
Performing the material … when photographs already exist
Magdalena Wróblewska, University of Warsaw
Beyond representation: photography as thing
Oliver Klimpel, Berlin
Smeared corners – the current photo-graphic Image
Olga Khoroshilova, St.Petersburg State University of Industrial Technology and Design
“A queer wedding”. The photos of a male wedding party in the context of everyday culture of soviet Petrograd gay&travesty society

Panel 5: Theory
Valery Savchuk, St.-Petersburg State University
How is philosophy of photography possible?
Andrei Khoroshilov, St.-Petersburg State University
The social construction of photography
Denis Skopin, St.-Petersburg State University
Critique of the “psychoanalytical vulgate” in Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida
Kris Belden-Adams, University of Mississipi (supported by US Consulate in St.-Petersburg)
Interrogating photography’s indexical ‘Identity Crisis’ in the post-post digital age
Daniel Buehler, German Research Foundation / Braunschweig University of Art
Post-documentary cell phone images. New aesthetics and long-standing notions of truthful representation
Nigina Sharopova, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
How is documentality of photography possible? From mimesis to exemplification and vestigium
James Hellings, University of Reading: (Magic) making
The invisible visible
Viktor Krutkin, Udmurt State University, Izhevsk
Photography: drawing made with light in shadow of social network
Oxana Gavrishina, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow
Subway photographs as a perspective
Maria Grazia Cantoni, Istituto Petrini Lucca
The simulated Body. A new perspective on perceiving the Other as the Self

Panel 7: Politics & Journalism
Mikhail Sidlin, Alexander Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia
Imperialists, spies and foreign journalists: visual methods of creating an image of enemy in Ogonyok Magazine, 1957
Kevin Biderman, Royal College of Art, London
Visual surveillance in the city of London (1994–present day): Discipline, control and the materiality of digital visual media
Wing Ki Lee, Hong Kong Baptist University
Xi Jinping at the “Occupy” Sites: Derivative works and participatory propaganda from Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement (2014)

Panel 8: Science. Golden hall
Anna Kotomina, Polytechnic Museum, Moscow
Infografics and photography from Helmholtz to Manovich. A hundred years competition for trust of the audience
Yanai Toister, University of Sydney
Photography beyond Photographs