After Post-Photography
Eighth International conference on visual studies, history and theory of photography
Presence and Absence
01-02 June 2023, European University at St Petersburg


01 June

Panel for emerging researchers

Denis Lenkevich (European University): (Im)possible to Stop: the Serial Thinking of Photographers.
Taisia Lunina (St Petersburg State University): Human and Technological Presence in Google Street View.
Olga Davidenko (European University): The Poetics of Inaction in Soviet Cinema during the Era of Stagnation: The Long Take and Photography.
Kuzhali Jaganathan (Jawaharlal Nehru University): Found Photography: Reconfiguring the Photographic Image in the era of Digitalisation.
Polina Shishkina (Tyumen State University): Unveiling the Hidden Ensemble: The Ukrainian Section and the Photofrieze as a Dynamic Duo in the Soviet Pavilion at Pressa
(Cologne, 1928)
Julia Vorobeva (Higher School of Economics): Memory of W. G. Sebald in the Intermedial Perspective.

Discussants: Erika Wolf (Tyumen State University), Olga Davydova (St Petersburg State University), Oksana Gavrishina (Russian State University for the Humanities), Ekaterina Vassilyeva (St Petersburg State University), Ekaterina Kalinina (Moscow State University), Olga Annanurova (RANEPA)

Panel 1: Digital and AI
Chair: Friedrich Tietjen

Timothy Druckrey: The “Lie of sight”: AI and Photography’s Algorithmic Apotheosis
Vladislav Rumyantsev (European University): “Landscapes without Memory” by Joan Fontcuberta: generative AI photography and the legacy of modernist practices of camera-less photography
Seerat Kaur (Jawaharlal Nehru University): Trans-media Transfigurations: Presence, Identity, and Embodiment in the Digital Chimera

02 June
Panel 2: History & Politics

Chair: Daria Panaiotti

Erika Wolf (Tyumen State University): Binarisms and Reversals in Galina San’ko’s Photographs of Stalingrad.
Aleksey Bokatov (SPbIH of the Russian Academy of Sciences): Photography and photo postcard in the case of construction (and deconstruction) of the image of Russian Orthodox pilgrim in the end of 19 th – early 20 th cc.
Mayank Dutt Kaushik (Jawaharlal Nehru University): Framing and Reframing the Presence of the Indian Nationalist Equation: The Digital Somaesthetics of Political Dramatisation.

Panel 3: Memory
Chair: Olga Annanurova

Lyudmila Starilova and Marta Alekseeva (Russian Genealogical Society): Look for the woman.
Irina Chmyreva (Museum of Fine Art, Houston): The Folder of Benjamin Zemach: the Personal Meanings of the Famous Photographs.

Panel 4: Othering
Chair: Maria Gourieva

Tatiana Barandova (RANEPA): On visual representation and conditions of visibility: image/s of non/discrimination in official discourse of state human rights protection institutions.
Maia Nichols (UC San Diego): Warping neurological disease in early 20th century material culture.
Farrah Karapetian (UC San Diego): On recuperating the professional trajectories of underrepresented females through private photography.