Fifth international conference After Post-Photography
Cultural, historical and visual studies in photography

23 May 2019
16.30 Registration for speakers
17.00 Keynote: Fred Ritchin (ICP, USA): The Post-Photographic Challenge
18.30 Keynote: Helen Petrovsky (Russ. Acad. of Sciences, Russia): Photography: Memory Formulae

24 May 2019
10.15 Registration for speakers
10.45 Welcome

Panel 1: Photograph Politics, or: How to Show (and how to not)
11.00 Carole Naggar France/USA): A Closet, a Suitcase and a Warehouse: David «Chim» Seymour’s Archives
11.30 Susumu Shimonishi (Tokyo University of the Arts): Japanese Photography Magazines. The Case of CAMERA MAINICHI
12.00 Coffee break
12.30 Denis Skopin (St. Petersburg State Univ.): Elimination of the Enemies of the People from Group Photographs in Stalin’s Russia: Political and Psychological Aspects
13.00 Discussion
13.30 Lunch break

Panel 2: Present Photography, or: How to Rethink Pictures
14.30 Irina Chmyreva (Research Centre for Theory and History of Arts, Russian Academy of Fine Arts): Echo of Political Realities in Photography: Studies of Reading National History in Art Photography Projects from 1990-2010s
15.00 Michelle Bogre (Parsons School of Design, USA): The Photograph Unmoored: Truth and Authenticity in the 21st Century
15.30 Alexander Streitberger (Univ. catholique Louvain, Belgium): The Photographic Ruins of the Future
16.00 Discussion
16:30 Coffee break

17.00 Keynote: Andrés Mario Zervigón (Rutgers University, USA): The Camera Lens: Fully Visible and Transparent
18.30 Keynote: Gil Pasternak (Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University, UK): Photography in Politics: Remembering and Being Together, With Photographs

25 May 2019
Panel 3: Photographic Projections, or: How to Show What Never Happened
10.30 Oksana Sarkisova (Central European University, Hungary): Imagining Soviet Space: Representations of Travel in Vernacular Photographic Collections
11.00 Maria Gourieva (European University/St. Petersburg State University), Friedrich Tietjen (Germany/Austria): Everybody Lives the Same (in private photographs)
11.30 Discussion
12.00 Coffee break

12.30 Keynote: Galina Orlova (Higher School of Economics, Russia): Anonymous Archive, Digitalization, Recycling
14.00 Lunch break

15.00 Roundtable discussion for educators and researchers: Photography Studies in Russia: Challenges and Perspectives
participants: Oxana Gavrishina (Russian State Humanitarian University), Natalia Mazour (European University), Helen Petrovsky (Russian Academy of Sciences), Irina Chmyreva (Russian Academy of Arts), Daria Panaiotti (European University), Alina Venkova (Russian State Pedagogical University), Olga Davydova (St.Petersburg State University), Maria Gourieva (St.Petersburg State University/St.Petersburg State Institute for Culture), Fred Ritchin (ICP), Olga Annanurova (RANEPA), Erika Wolf (Tyumen State University), Friedrich Tietjen, Oksana Sarkisova (CEU), Ekaterina Vassilyeva (St. Petersburg State University), Galina Orlova (HSE), Gil Pasternak (DeMontfort University)

17.00 Final remarks and outlook

The Conference takes place at the European University, 1 Shpalernaya street, St. Petersburg. Nearest metro station: Chernyshevskaya